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What is pipeline?
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Pipeline is made of pipe, pipe couplings connection and used for the transport gas, liquid or solid particles of the fluid with the device. Typically, the fluid by the blowers, compressors, pumps and boilers and other pressurized, from the high pressure of pipeline flow the low pressure point, can also use their own pressure or gravity fluid delivery. Pipeline is so widely used, mainly used in water supply, drainage, heating, gas supply, long-distance transportation of oil and gas, agriculture, irrigation, hydraulic engineering, and a variety of industrial devices.

The pipeline is commonly used pipe API 5L standtard, China's current commonly pipeline has  submerged arc welded pipe (SSAW), LSAW pipe (LSAW), resistance welding pipe (ERW). When the diameter less than 152mm,seamless steel pipe will be a choice.

The increasing of pipeline diameter and the improving pf the delivery pressure, all require a higher strength for the pipe. In recent years, to ensure weldability and toughness under the premise of the pipe strength has been greatly improved. Because the pipeline laying process to be completed entirely on welding, so welding quality to a large extent determines the quality of the project, pipeline construction welding is the key. And pipe, welding consumables, welding technology and welding equipment is a key factor for  affecting the quality of welding.

The discovery and exploitation of oil and gas fields located in remote areas, geographical, climatic and geological conditions poor, poor social conditions, relying, to bring a lot of construction difficulties, especially problems caused by low-temperature maximum. On-site welding, using the corresponding device for nozzle pairs. In order to improve efficiency, generally in a good nozzle placed on the foundation beam of wood or mound, in the interface of the previous weld at the same time, began preparations for the next docking. This will have a greater additional stress. At the same time as the impact of thermal expansion and contraction pipe, died in the collision when the mouth out of the most vulnerable to additional stress problems. Site welding pipe horizontal position or inclined fixed fixed docking, including flat welding, Welding and Overhead welding, horizontal welding and other welding positions. Therefore, the operation of the welder a higher technology, more stringent requirements. Requirements of today's pipeline industry has a higher delivery pressure pipes and large diameter pipeline and to ensure its safe operation. Strengthen the pipeline to meet the high, high toughening, diameter and wall thick-walled large-scale emergence of a variety of welding methods, welding materials and welding processes.


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