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What is hot-dip galvanized?
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It is also known that hot-dip galvanized components are immersed in molten zinc metal coating liquid to get a way. In recent years, with the high-voltage transmission, transportation, communication services have developed rapidly to the increasingly high demand for protection of steel parts, hot galvanized demand is increasing.

Layer of protective properties of hot-dip galvanizing
Coverage is good hot-dip galvanizing, coating density, non-organic mixture. As we all know, atmospheric corrosion resistance of zinc the mechanism of electrochemical mechanical protection and protection under the conditions of atmospheric corrosion of zinc in the surface layer of ZnO, Zn (OH) 2 and basic zinc carbonate protective film, to a certain extent slow down the corrosion of zinc, which layer of protective film (also known as white rust) will damage the formation of a new film.

The formation of hot-dip galvanizing layer
Hot-dip galvanizing layer formation process of iron matrix and the outermost layer of pure zinc to form iron - zinc alloy process, the surface formed when the hot-dip coated iron - zinc alloy layer, which makes iron and pure zinc layer is a good combination, the process can be simply described as: when the iron piece immersed in molten zinc solution, the first formed at the interface of zinc and ¦Á Fe (body-centered) solid solution. This is the base metal of iron dissolved in the solid state zinc atoms form a crystal, is the integration between the two metal atoms, gravitational force between atoms is relatively small. Therefore, when the zinc in the solid-melt reached saturation, zinc and iron atoms between two elements spread, spread to (or called infiltration) in the iron matrix of zinc atoms in the matrix lattice migrate gradually to form alloys with iron.


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