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How to prevent casing damage?
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Oil casing tube plays a vital role in the event of a cracked oil pipe and other damage, not just a waste of national energy, and we know that oil extraction is carried out at sea, if there was an oil spill, will cause great local water pollution, sea creatures have a devastating disaster, the near non-farming income can also cause cuts or serious consequences, the production casing is a daunting task, there must be sufficient scientific and technological strength to ensure its high quality of the end, if the House Steel Plant to produce higher quality oil pipes, and constantly develop new technologies to ensure the life of casing in a high-quality nature of the oil Mining provides a very big help.

Casing is important to oil drilling equipment, mainly for the well drilling. Oil well casing is run to maintain the lifeline. As the geological conditions are different, the underground complex stress state, tensile, compressive, bending, twisting stress acting on the combined effects of tube, which tube itself on the quality of higher demand. Once the casing itself is damaged for some reason, could lead the whole production wells, or even scrapped. According to statistics, China's March crude steel, pig iron and steel production were 5497,5216 and 68.24 million tons, up respectively 22.5%, 19.6% and 28.1%. From the current steel production, although the level of steel products, Nissan continues to fluctuate at 205 million tons, but the casing in early April, has reached a record high 179 million tons, indicating that the country has formed a 650 million tons of annual production scale, this will have a greater impact steel market outlook, may also lead to the steel city of partial adjustment. In particular, the results of the current iron ore negotiations have been pending, the early rise in steel prices driven by the expectations of the iron ore negotiations, once the outcome of the negotiations to be laid down later inevitably lead to the inevitable weakening of the steel city oscillation. Factors affecting the oil casing need to take certain measures and methods to control, to ensure that enterprises in the actual production and management development can have good performance and advantages in accordance with the expected form of the actual development and production.



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