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Hydraulic prop pipe
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Hydraulic prop pipe on the basis of high-quality carbon structural steel join one or more alloying elements used to increase the steel strength, toughness and hardenability performance. Type of steel made​​, usually must be approved by the quenching and tempering, chemical treatment, surface hardening heat treatment. Compared with high-quality carbon structural steel has good mechanical properties, and more rolled into a circle, square, flat shape of the steel, used as a mechanical or machine structure.

Hydraulic prop tube rust is worse than stainless steel. However, wear resistance, machinability better than stainless steel.

Advantages of hydraulic
Compared with mechanical transmission, electrical transmission, hydraulic transmission has the following advantages:
1, the various components of the hydraulic transmission, according to need convenient, flexible layout;

2, light weight, small size, small inertia, fast response;

3, Manipulation of control can achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation (speed range up to 2000:1);

4, automatic overload protection;

5, commonly used mineral oil as the working medium, the relative movement of the surface can be self-lubrication, long life;

6, it is easy to achieve linear motion;

7, it is easy to machine automation, electro-hydraulic joint control, not only to achieve a higher degree of automatic control process, and can achieve the remote control.

Hydraulic disadvantage
1, due to the fluid flow resistance and leak, so less efficient. If not handled properly, the leak is not only contaminated sites, but also may cause fires and explosions;

2, performance is vulnerable to the effects of temperature changes, it would be inappropriate in a high or low temperature conditions;

3, hydraulic components manufactured with high precision, and therefore more expensive;

4, due to the leakage of liquid medium and compressibility effects can not be strict transmission ratio;

5, hydraulic transmission failure not easy to find out the reasons; use and maintenance requirements have a higher technical level.


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