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Tempering of the tubes
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Quenching the steel pipe reheated to a certain temperature, and then some method of cooling is called tempering. Its purpose is to eliminate the quenching of the internal stress and reduce the hardness and brittleness, in order to achieve the desired mechanical properties. Tempering divided into high-temperature tempering, middle-temperature tempering. Tempering with quenching, normalizing with the use.

Quenching and tempering treatment: high-temperature tempering heat treatment method is called quenching and tempering after quenching. The high-temperature tempering tempering between 500-600 ¡æ. Quenched and tempered steel pipe performance, the material to a large degree of adjustment, its strength, ductility and toughness, good mechanical properties.

Aging treatment: In order to eliminate the precision measuring tools or mold parts in long-term use size, shape change, often before in the low-temperature tempering after finishing the workpiece re-heated to 100-150 ¡ã C for 5-20 hours, such as quality of the stable precision parts processing, known as aging. Aging treatment in order to eliminate the residual stress of the steel pipe components in the low temperature or dynamic load conditions, stable steel tube organization and size, it is particularly important.


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