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Cold galvanize steel pipe
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Cold galvanized pipe refers to electro-galvanized, which galvanized amount is small and only 10-50g/m2, its own resistance to corrosion than hot dip galvanized pipe a lot of difference. In order to ensure the quality,regular galvanized pipe manufacturers, , most do not use electro-galvanized (cold-plated).Only those small-scale, outdated equipment and small businesses with electric galvanized, of course, their prices are relatively cheap.

There is another definition that cold galvanizing is not through high temperatures during galvanizing process and is the same after degreasing, rust, showing no pollution, the infiltration of the workpiece, linked into specialized plating tank cathode, anode zinc. Connected to DC power supply, the zinc ion on the anode migrate to the cathode and the cathode discharge, so that the workpiece coated with a layer of zinc layer.


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