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Disadvantage of resistance welding
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Disadvantage of resistance welding:
1, At present,it is lack of reliable non-destructive testing, welding quality just rely on technology-destructive testing of specimens and artifacts, as well as by a variety of monitoring techniques to ensure.

2, points, seam welded lap joints unfair increase the weight of the component, and due to the formation of the angle between two plates around the nugget, resulting in joint anti-bonding strength and fatigue strength are low.

3, power equipment, mechanization, higher degree of automation, so that the higher equipment costs, maintenance more difficult, and the normal operation of the high-power single-phase AC welder negative grid.

As aerospace, electronics, automotive, household appliances and other industrial development, resistance welding is more and more attention by the society at the same time, resistance welding quality also put forward higher requirements. Training of China's development of microelectronics technology and high-power thyristor rectifier development, resistance welding technology to improve the conditions. At present, China has produced the excellent performance of the secondary rectifier welder. Made by the integration of components and micro-computer control box has been used in the matching of new welding machine, welding machine. Constant current, dynamic resistance, heat Peng inflation advanced closed-loop control technology has begun in the production application. All help to improve the welding quality, and expand its application areas.


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