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What is hot expansion pipe?
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We often say that the hot expansion pipe refers to the pipe that the density is relatively low but the contraction is strong.(seamless pipe) can be referred to as hot expansion pipe.A shortage of skew rolling or drawing method to expand the pipe diameter, pipe finishing process. Steel pipe thickening in a short period of time, can produce non-standard and special types of seamless tubes, and low-cost, high production efficiency, is the international tube rolling trend of developments in the field.

Hot expansion pipe is a processing method of the steel pipe. Hot expansion pipe is slightly less than hot-rolled steel mechanical properties. Construction of hot expanded steel pipe used in two-step push tube expanding machine set conical die expanding technology, digital intermediate frequency induction heating technology, hydraulic technology on a machine with a reasonable process, low energy consumption, lower investment, good product quality and applicability of a wide range of raw materials and product specifications, flexible variable cost of production volume, adaptability, to replace the traditional steel industry, of Pullout expanding technology. Difficult to resolve in the near future, the supply of large diameter steel pipe, hot expanded steel pipe to become an important source of the products to solve the shortage of large-diameter steel pipe. To ease the large-diameter steel market supply situation.


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