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Pressure Piping (stress pipe)
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Pressure piping(stress pipe) means pipeline of all under internal pressure or external pressure, regardless of the media how the tube.Pressure pipeline is part of the pipeline, and used for transmission, distribution, mixing, separation, discharge, measurement, control and suppression of fluid flow from the pipe, fittings, flanges, bolts, connections, gaskets, valves, and othercomposed of parts or compression parts and supporting parts consisting of assembly assembly.

Pressure pipeline operations are generally in the outdoor way of laying overhead along the ground, buried, and often high-altitude operations, poor environmental conditions, quality control is higher. As the quality control aspects of the interlocking, organic combination of a part of the slightest carelessness are quality problems caused. Welding is a key work in the construction of pressure pipelines, its quality, efficiency directly affects the safe operation of engineering and manufacturing duration, so the process of quality control is more important. According to the requirements of the construction of pressure pipelines must strengthen the management of personnel, equipment, materials, process documents, and the environment. Take strict measures in order to ensure the quality of the welding of pressure piping to ensure the realization of high-quality welding engineering.


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