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Alloy steel pipe and the application of ABS alloy steel pipe
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Alloy steel pipe is a kind of performance is much higher than the average of the seamless steel pipe, steel pipe because there are more of Cr, its high temperature, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance performance is other than non-seamless steel pipe on, so the alloy steel tube in the oil, chemical, electric power, boiler, etc. The more extensive use. However, unlike carbon steel pipe, its carbon content is relatively low .

Alloy steel tube is mainly used for low and medium pressure boiler pipe(working pressure not higher than 5.88Mpa, operating temperature below 450 ¡æ) of the heating surface tubes; for high-pressure boiler (working pressure is generally more than 9.8Mpa, the working temperature of 450 ¡æ ~ between 650 ¡æ) of the heating surface tubes, economizer, superheater, reheater, petrochemical industry pipe.

ABS alloy steel tube is widely used in building water supply and central air conditioning, especially in building water supply riser pipe and central air conditioning applications with .PC / ABS alloy can produce automotive exterior parts such as automotive wheel covers, mirror housings, tail lamp, etc. . PC / ABS has good formability, machinability large car parts such as automobile fenders.


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