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Large dimeter spiral welded pipe
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Large diameter spiral welded pipe is a part of large diameter steel pipe.

Large diameter spiral welded pipe representation

1. Carbon structural steel
the quality and grade of Q + digital + sign + deoxy method symbols. Its steel known as "Q", on behalf of the yield point of steel, behind the numbers indicate the yield point value, such as Q235, said unit is MPa yield point (s) for the 235 MPa of carbon structural steel.
necessary steel behind that quality levels can be marked with the symbol and deoxy method. Symbol quality grade is divided into A, B, C, D. Deoxy method symbol F denotes the boiling steel, B is semi-cool steel, Z said cool steel, TZ said special cool steel, cool steel may mark symbol, which can not mark ZT and TZ. For example, Q235-AF said that A-level boiling steel.
special purpose carbon steel, for example: bridge steel, marine steel, carbon structural steel basically representation, but added that the use of steel last letter.

2. Quality carbon structural steel
steel wrap up the two numbers indicate the carbon content of steel to even carbon content of the very few that, for example, uniform carbon content of 0.45% of the steel, steel number "45", it is not a sequence number, and therefore can not be read as 45 steel.
high quality carbon manganese structural steel, manganese should be marked, such as 50Mn. boiling steel, semi-cool steel and special-purpose high-quality carbon structural steel should be particularly marked in the final steel, such as uniform carbon content of 0.1% of the semi-cool steel, the steel No. 10b.

3. Carbon tool steel
steel known as "T", to prevent mixed with other types of steel.
steel in the numbers indicate the carbon content, carbon content to even a few thousandths said. For example, "T8" said the uniform carbon content of 0.8%.
higher manganese content in steel end marked "Mn", such as "T8Mn".
quality carbon tool steel elementary phosphorus, sulfur content, than ordinary low-quality carbon tool steel, the steel filling the last letter "A", to distinguish such "T8MnA".


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