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Steel pipe industry development

First, Steel pipe and associated industries
Steel pipe has been widely applied in industry, agriculture, transportation, defense, aviation, aerospace and high-tech fields. Manufacturing raw materials and production processes, steel sub-seamless and welded steel pipe.

1,seamless steel pipe. It is by a circular steel billets through the furnace heat, and punch perforation, hot-rolled tube rolling, given the reducing mill sizing, cooling, straightening, cutting head and cutting the end, nondestructive testing, inspection, packaging made. Related businesses for the provision of seamless steel pipe tube billets are: iron and steel companies (including mines, sinter plant, oxygen plant, steel plant, rolling mill, machinery repair, etc.), railways, roads and other industries and enterprises. Seamless steel tube billet is divided into carbon steel, low alloy steel, alloy structural steel, bearing steel, stainless steel; circular steel blanks for the production of seamless steel pipe mill after repair, inspection, in line with seamless steel pipe billet standards.

Seamless steel pipe because of its complex production process, product quality, more variety, but also for deep processing into precision seamless steel tubes, wide range of applications requiring greater reliability and strength requirements of the higher departments, such as high-pressure boiler pipe, high pressure steam The pipe, petroleum cracking pipe, chemical plants to transport steel, automobiles, trains, diesel engines with high pressure steel pipe, aircraft, ships, environmental protection, energy use steel pipe.

2, welded steel pipe. It is by the strip (plate) cut welding, roll forming, welding, heat treatment, given by, cutting, straightening, hydrostatic testing, nondestructive testing, finished product inspection, packaging made. For the production of welded steel strip or plate related businesses and seamless steel pipe billet steel mills casting into slab from the rolling mill rolling is made. Of pipe welded steel pipes for different purposes, different requirements, the production process, the molding method is also different; welded steel pipe is divided into: (1) Straight seam high frequency welded tube process (ERW) ② double submerged arc welding pipe joints straight (LSAW) 3 roll forming double-sided submerged arc welding (ie, of SSAW) and other three. Compared to welded steel pipe and seamless steel tubes, welded steel production process, various production processes, easy to transform the product specifications, low production costs, uniform wall thickness, inner and outer surfaces smooth. Welded steel pipes mainly used in water pipes, structural steel pipe, tube heat exchangers, hot water pipes, waste pipes, food industry, pipe, construction, pipe, furniture industry. In recent years, due to production process improvement, quality of welded steel pipe continuously improve the welded steel pipe began to use natural gas, gas pipeline.

steel pipe industry development
1, the founding of New China, China is not the production of seamless steel pipe, 1953, China's Anshan Iron and Steel company introduced from abroad the first set of Φ140 automatic pipe mill production line put into operation after opened the era of China's own production of seamless steel tubes.
2, With the development of seamless steel pipe production in 1989, China's own design and manufacture, the introduction of seamless steel pipe more than 60 sets of units, design production capacity of over 200 million tons, of which more than 50 sets of Φ60 ~ of Φ100 unit, the production of small diameter accounted for more than half of the seamless steel pipe production, the fewer number of species, can not meet the needs of the community was forced to import large quantities of seamless steel pipe to supplement.
3, Beginning in 1998, China seamless steel pipe industry has entered a period of rapid development. From developed countries to introduce the MPM unit (MPM), retained mandrel three roller units (ie PQF), the Asser pipe mill (ie, Assel), Ake - Rolle pipe mill (ie the Accu-Roll) and our own design and manufacturing cycle pipe mill, automatic pipe mill, pipe jacking unit. At present, China has nine categories of 42 sets of hot-rolled tube unit, we can say is the most complete types and specifications of the world's hot-rolled tube unit is the world's hot-rolled seamless steel pipe unit Daquan, hot-rolled seamless steel pipe of the World summary of the most advanced unit, the base of the world's newest tube rolling experiment.

Seamless steel pipe enterprises to increase the intensity of technical transformation, the new unit soon production and deliver results, the rapid growth of China seamless steel pipe production, the production of seamless steel pipes from 415 million tons in 2000, increased to 18.63 million in 2007 t eight years, an increase of 4.5 times the average annual increase of 20.65%.